How do I search for a space?
Simply enter the address, borough, time, and date (no need to enter date if you're looking for a space for today) that you want, then press the “search” button. In a few seconds Streetparknyc.com will let you know which spaces in our database that most closely match your criteria will become available.

How do I agree to a parking space?
If you see a space listed that you want click on it and agree to arrive at the space at the right time. Once you do this you will be given the address of the space and the type of car in the space. You must be a registered user (and logged in) with enough credits to do this. Registering is simple (it only takes a minute or two) and secure. You will receive an email from Streetparknyc.com reminding you of the details of the space, and this information will also appear on our homepage when you are logged in.

Why couldn't I find any spaces with my search?
If your search didn't produce a space it means other users have not entered spaces they currently occupy that meet your criteria. You can try changing the terms of your search by switching time or address, or click on “show advanced” (the button is under the calendar) to alter your search. You can also try searching later on—the database is constantly being updated as drivers with parking spaces enter their information.

How do I list a space with Streetparknyc.com?
In order to list a space you need to register and be logged in (so we can credit you for a matched space). Then, under “List,” enter the address, time, and date you will be leaving your space. Please also select the type of space you have so searching users will know if you have a metered space or one that is good for the rest of the day or following day. When a searching user agrees to your space you will receive an email from Streetparknyc.com telling you when the other driver will arrive and what kind of car it will be. This information will also be displayed on our home page when you are logged in.

What if I can't arrive at a space I agreed to, or leave a space I agreed to leave?
Please respond to the email you received from us giving the details of the space and other car. By simply responding to our email it will cancel the exchange of the space. Please do this AS SOON AS YOU KNOW YOU CAN NOT MAKE THE EXCHANGE. Another driver is counting on you and we want to inform the other driver that the exchange will not take place.

What if something goes wrong after a space has been agreed to?
If there's a problem with a space (the car supposed to be at the space wasn't there or didn't move, or the arriving driver didn't show up) please let us know as soon as you can by emailing complaints@streetparknyc.com (include your username and a very brief description of the problem). Our policy for users in good standing is to immediately refund credits charged for disputed spaces.

How do I get paid for spaces I list?
Each time we make a match with a searching driver for a space you have listed we put three credits in your account. These credits offset charges made for spaces you have found, and if you run a surplus of credits at the end of the month you will receive a check (sent to the address you provided at registration) from Streetparknyc.com! It's that simple.

How do I get paid?
If you are owed money we will send a check to your billing address at the end of the month. We will do this automatically if you have more than 20 credits (one credit=one dollar) in your account (not counting credits you have purchased). If you have less than 20 credits at the end of a month and want to be paid simply send an email to info@streetparknyc.com (please make the subject 'credits') and we will send you a check for that month.

Got another question?
If you have any other questions or suggestions please send us an email at info@streetparknyc.com.


Our service seeks to make finding street parking spaces easier and more efficient. However, the spaces listed are public, on street spaces. Anyone may park in any space listed, and a space that has been agreed to may not result in a successful exchange for any number of reasons. There is never any guarantee a listed and agreed upon space will result in a successful exchange. Streetparknyc.com does its best to make sure all information given is accurate and relayed to users as quickly as possible.