Need a Spot? Give One

April 11, 2010
The New York Times
City Critic

New York parking stinks, but it’s like the weather — and I don’t mean last week’s weather — what can you do about it? Why, you can build an iPhone tool, of course. Or tweet. Or text message. Two very different new parking ventures use a combination of these media: one in hopes of saving you time, the other in hopes of saving the world.

The stakes are indisputably high. In Park Slope, Brooklyn, for example, drivers looking for a parking spot are said to account for 45 percent of street traffic. Think about that. Almost half the cars that crowd out pedestrians and exasperate fellow drivers are just trying to find 15 feet of open curb. If you could eliminate that search, or even just reduce it, you could cut way down on fuel consumption, carbon emissions, noise pollution, even blood pressure. How’s that for a killer app?

StreetParkNYC, a company that just got off the ground a couple of weeks ago, uses a market-based approach to connect people ready to vacate their parking spot with people willing to pay a few bucks to find one. Sounds nifty, right?

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