Refund Policy and Credit Card Transaction Notes

In the event that a user notifies Streetpark that an agreed upon (matched) space was unavailable due to no fault of the user Streetpark's policy is, barring exceptional circumstances, to immediately credit user's account for the amount initially charged. Streetpark will maintain this policy of automatically refunding charges until such time as Streetpark determines that a user is abusing, willfully or otherwise, this refund policy. Should Streetpark determine, in its sole discretion, that a user is abusing this policy or otherwise not acting in good faith Streetpark may suspend the user's account, either temporarily or permanently. Any credits owed to such a user will be paid by Streetpark to the user. Streetpark may gather information from other users (those who were matched with the user applying for a refund) in order to determine whether the refund policy is being abused.

Streetpark uses as its ecommerce gateway and matches or exceeds all of its requirements for credit card security. Streetpark stores no user credit card information except that which is either required by or that which is necessary for Streetpark to identify, charge, or credit users. Under no circumstances, except when legally compelled to do so, will Streetpark ever share its users credit card information, or other identifying information, with any other user, person, company, or other entity.